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Pioneering a new class of treatments for neuro-visual disorders.

Around 15 million Americans suffer from vision loss caused by deficiencies in the brain, instead of any structural issues with the eyes. Traditional therapeutic modalities are unable to properly target and treat these deficits, leaving a significant unmet need.

By harnessing the latest in digital technology, we're creating an entirely new category of medicines to address these conditions. We develop software products that generate therapeutic visual stimuli and deliver them to the patient through a virtual reality headset, using the eyes to stimulate the brain. The success of our amblyopia therapeutic provides proof-of-concept for our broader platform.

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'Lazy eye' in kids is an age-old problem: A new VR headset brought treatment into the 21st century

November 23, 2021


VR treatment for lazy eye in children gets FDA approval

October 20, 2021


FDA approves Luminopia's VR-based digital therapeutic which treats lazy eye with TV time

October 21, 2021

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Luminopia, Inc. Announces Closing of Oversubscribed Series A Financing Round

June 27, 2023

Luminopia, Inc. Announces Oversubscribed Seed Extension Financing Round

November 11, 2022

Luminopia Announces FDA Approval of Digital Therapeutic that Uses TV Shows to Improve Vision in Children with Lazy Eye

October 20, 2021

Luminopia One, a Digital Therapeutic for Amblyopia, Demonstrates Safety and Efficacy in Phase 3 Pivotal Trial

September 14, 2021

Leadership Team

To achieve our mission, we've brought together a world-class team with deep experience and a true passion for helping patients.


Brion Raymond


Former CCO at Clearside Biomedical
Former Director at Genentech


Endri Angjeli

VP of Clinical Development

Former Director at Ora
Biomedical Engineer


Hank Wu


Former VP of Digital at Evelo Biosciences
Former Director at Biogen


Katrina Moseley Journey

VP of Commercial

Former GM of Dompe Canada
Former Sr. Director Clearside Biomedical and Santen


Scott Xiao

Co-Founder and CEO

MIT TR Innovators Under 35
Forbes 30 Under 30


Sunny Atwal

VP of Engineering

Former VP of Technology at Moth+Flame Former SVP of Technology at Littlstar

board of directors

We're proud to have the support of an exceptional Board of Directors, with leaders from across healthcare, tech, and entertainment.


Casey Tansey

General Partner at USVP
Former CEO at Epicor Medical, Heartport


Dean Travers

Thiel Fellow
Forbes 30 Under 30


Mark Jacobstein

Executive Business Advisor at Immunai Former CUEO at Guardant Health


Robert Langer, ScD

Institute Professor at MIT; Co-Founder of Moderna; Most cited engineer in history


Scott Xiao

MIT TR Innovators Under 35
Forbes 30 Under 30


William Dai

Founding Managing Partner at ShangBay Capital; Former CFO at Boston Scientific China


We're grateful to have the backing of several top-tier investment firms who share our vision for the future.

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Platform scientific advisors

We're thrilled to have a group of renowned clinicians and scientists guiding the development of our platform.


Peter J. McDonnell, MD

Director, Professor of Ophthalmology

The Wilmer Eye Institute


Marguerite McDonald, MD, FACS

Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology

New York University Langone Medical Center


Peter Bex, PhD

Chair of Psychology

Northeastern University


Krystel Huxlin, PhD

Professor of Ophthalmology

University of Rochester


Eric Singman, MD

Professor of Ophthalmology

University of Maryland

Indications, Safety and Warnings


Luminopia is a software-only digital therapeutic designed to be used with commercially available Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) which are compatible with the software application. Luminopia is indicated for improvement in visual acuity in amblyopia patients, aged 4-7, associated with anisometropia and/or with mild strabismus, having received treatment instructions (frequency and duration) as prescribed by a trained eye-care professional. Luminopia is intended for both previously treated and untreated patients; however, patients with more than 12 months of prior treatment (other than refractive correction) have not been studied. Luminopia is intended to be used as an adjunct to full-time refractive correction, such as glasses, which should also be worn under the HMD during Luminopia therapy. Luminopia is intended for Prescription Use Only, in an at-home environment.


In the Luminopia pivotal trial, 14 patients (25%) experienced adverse events in the treatment group vs. 8 (14%) in the control group. Ocular AEs were reported in 6 (11%) patients in the treatment group and 8 (14%) patients in the control. No serious adverse events (AEs) were reported. The most frequent non-serious AE potentially related to Luminopia was headache (14.3%), for which all cases were graded as mild, transient, and resolved without sequelae.


Rx only: Federal law restricts this device on the order of a trained eye-care professional.

Safety and effectiveness of Luminopia beyond 12 weeks is unknown. The long-term effects of HMD use in patients 4-7 years of age are unknown. Patients with a history of light-induced seizures, or serious medical conditions, should contact a doctor before using Luminopia. Patients should only use Luminopia while wearing their prescribed glasses under the HMD. Patients should stop using Luminopia and contact a doctor if they experience a new or worsened eye-turn, or double vision. Patients with an interpupillary distance of less than 52 mm should not use Luminopia.

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